Ball State University offers a 100 percent online RN to BS degree program that’s reputable, affordable, and flexible to help you fly further in your career. Courses are asynchronous, so you can finish your coursework on your own schedule, as long as you complete weekly assignments by their deadlines.

Quick Facts

  Next Start Date: August 19, 2024

You Won’t Go Online Alone

You’ll work with a team of faculty, advisors, and student services staff to guide you along your online experience. Advisors will simplify the admissions application process and work with you to map out your course plan. When you shop and compare, see how much one-on-one support you’ll get in your online classroom.

Why Choose Our Bachelor's Degree in Nursing?

  • Our degree is reputable because we’re a national leader in nursing education. We were named a National League for Nursing Center of Excellence in Nursing Education for our success in enhancing student learning and professional development.
  • Your prior credits count. You likely already have a number of transferable credits that may mean earning your bachelor’s degree is closer than you think.
  • Our program is flexible because you can attend full or part time and take classes in an asynchronous format, meaning there are no specific log-in times. You work online when it’s convenient for you to meet weekly deadlines.
  • Our online programs offer value for your investment of time and money. We encourage you to compare our tuition rates with other institutions.
  • The degree is marketable because the profession is pushing toward a professional workforce in which 80 percent of nursing staff hold a bachelor’s in nursing. Plus, the BS teaches soft skills like communication, leadership, and decision-making, skills that are highly sought by employers today.

With our online RN to BS nursing concentration, you complete your bachelor’s without setting foot on campus—and while continuing your nursing career. The only time you leave your laptop is to do your clinical hours which can be arranged with a nursing mentor-preceptor in your community.

  • We blend nursing with the liberal arts. While online education means lots of flexibility, it doesn’t diminish the rigor of a curriculum that integrates physical, psychosocial, and nursing science, with the fine arts and humanities.
  • Ball State nursing emphasizes care in community settings for women and children in need as well as other vulnerable populations.
  • You won’t go online alone. You have access to professors, advisors, student ambassadors, and technology staff. Visit the Technology HelpDesk 24/7. Our School of Nursing’s Simulation and Skills Laboratories offers help specifically for nursing students.
  • We give you more options. Classes are offered in an asynchronous format, meaning there are no specific log-in times. Work online when it’s convenient for you to meet assignment deadlines on your syllabus.

CCNE accreditation The RN to BS degree at Ball State is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)


Quality Matters Implementation Plan Seal Granted the Quality Matters Implementation Plan designation that ensures that the online components of our courses promote learner engagement and provide students with all the tools and information they need to be successful learners.



Ball State University U.S. News & World Report consistently places Ball State on its lists of top-ranked online universities. Learn more about our recognitions and rankings.

  • Three or six-semester options. Attend full time or part time, depending on your schedule. Work online to meet assignment deadlines on your syllabus when it's convenient for you.
  • We are affordable. Ball State is recognized for its quality and affordable online bachelor's degrees in nursing.
  • Graduate from a nationally recognized nursing program. We are designated as a National League for Nursing Center of Excellence, an honor bestowed to only a handful of programs.  Additionally, U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Ball State among the best universities with online bachelor's degree programs.
  • Online or on-campus, it’s a Ball State degree. As an online student, you earn the same nursing credential—the bachelor of science with a major in nursing—as the traditional, on-campus graduate.
  • We have all the accreditations you need. The baccalaureate program is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and approved by the Indiana State Board of Nursing. If you are from a state other than Indiana, we are also authorized in most other states. View our state authorization map for more information.
  • Unmatched support for your success. You'll work one on one with an academic advisor to determine the courses you need, based on any credits you transfer into the program. Additionally, you'll have the same access to technology support and other resources as our on-campus students. You can email, call, or watch video how-to clips found at . Our School of Nursing’s Simulation and Skills Laboratories offers help specifically for nursing students.

Grants for College

Good news for Indiana adult students! The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is offering college grants for adults returning to college, or even beginning their educational journey. The Adult Student Grant awards up to $2,000 to help pay for your college expenses and is renewable. This grant is available to Indiana residents, aged 25 and older, who are enrolled or will be enrolled in an undergraduate program.* Review the requirements below and learn if you qualify for the Adult Student Grant.

Learn More about the Adult Student Grant

*Additional requirements are listed on the Indiana Commission for Higher Education Adult Student Grant website.

Transfer Credits

Many adult students already have some college credit completed when they begin their studies with Ball State Online. In fact, more than 90 percent of bachelor’s degree seekers transfer some or all of their previous credits. If you fall under this category, contact your student success specialist to learn more about transferring your credits to Ball State.

Ivy Tech and Vincennes Graduates

If you have an associate of science degree in nursing from Ivy Tech Community College or Vincennes University, you can begin earning your Ball State bachelor’s in nursing (RN to BS) entirely online, and with a Junior status.

Contact your program advisor to start developing your personal plan of study.

Course Requirements

If you’re an RN with an associate degree, you likely have already completed many of Ball State’s core requirements and nursing prerequisites. In fact, many of our RNs transfer at least 30 credits into the program.

Our BS requires 180 clinical hours—all of which you can do in your current health care setting. With 180 hours, you get exposure to several career possibilities.

Online Courses

Taking classes online adds an element of flexibility to the program. But that doesn’t subtract from the rigor of a curriculum that integrates physical, psychosocial, and nursing science, with the fine arts and humanities, and emphasizes decision-making skills.

RN to BS Clinical Nursing Courses (20 credits, plus clinical hours)

  • NUR 302 Nursing Foundation and Issues (3 credits)
  • NUR 303 Health Assessment (3 credits) (45 clinical hours)
  • NUR 322 Research in Nursing (3 credits)
  • NUR 401 Applied Nursing Concepts (4 credits) (45 clinical hours)
  • NUR 404 Community Health (4 credits) (45 clinical hours)
  • NUR 405 Management and Leadership (3 credit) (45 clinical hours)

Nursing courses are offered in two separate sequences, a six-semester option and a three-semester option to fit the pace you want.

You likely took several of these courses as part of your associate degree. Your advisor can tell you if they can be transferred to Ball State. You will be required to take any prerequisite courses you still need before you start your nursing core. Your advisor will help you put together a plan of study customized to your needs.


  • ANAT 201 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy (3 credits)
  • PHYS 215 Human Physiology (5 credits)
  • BIO 113 Microbiology (5 credits)
  • CHEM 101 General, Organic, and Biochemistry for Health Sciences (5 credits)
    or CHEM 102 General, Organic, and Biochemistry for Experienced Health Professionals (4 credits)
    or CHEM 100 People and Chemistry (3 credits)*

*For RN to BS students only


  • NUTR 340 Principles of Human Nutrition (3 credits)
  • HSC 180 Principles of Public Health (3 credits)
  • NUR 314 Nursing Statistics (3 credits)
    or PSYS 241 Statistics (3 credits)
    or SOC 382 Applied Social Statistics (3 credits)
  • EDPS 270 Human Development Across the Lifespan (3 credits)

Learn more about the University Core Curriculum courses. Your advisor will help determine which, if any, of these courses you need to take.

You will be able to choose from a wide range of other courses to reach the 120 credits needed to earn a bachelor of science degree.

Ball State provides you opportunities to gain college credit via exams such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Ball State departmental exams. Or, you may qualify for credits for military service.

For more information about these options, contact the Office of Admissions.

Six-Semester Option

Below is an outline of Academic Advising nursing courses you will take. You can also view our detailed plan of study for the six-semester option, that your advisor will use to help design your course of study.

First Year

Fall semester

  • NUR 302 Nursing Foundation and Issues (3 credits)

Spring semester

  • NUR 322 Research in Nursing (3 credits)

Summer semester

  • NUR 405 Management and Leadership (3 credits)

Second Year

Fall semester

  • NUR 303 Health Assessment (3 credits)

Spring semester

  • NUR 401 Applied Nursing Concepts (4 credits)

Summer semester

  • NUR 404 Community Health (4 credits) 

This option requires you to take two nursing courses per semester.

Fall semester 

  • NUR 302 Nursing Foundation and Issues (3 credits) 
  • NUR 303 Health Assessment (3 or 6 credits)

Spring semester 

  • NUR 322 Research in Nursing (3 credits) 
  • NUR 401 Applied Nursing Concepts (7 credits)

Summer semester 

  • NUR 405 Management and Leadership (3 credits) 
  • NUR 404 Community Health (6 credits)

How to Apply?

Our RN to BS bachelor's degree completion program has rolling admissions—which means you can apply any time.

Admission to the RB to BS is a two-step process:

  1. Apply and meet the admission requirements of Ball State University.
  2. After admission to Ball State, nursing applications are reviewed in the spring semester for fall admission to the nursing program. You must contact the School of Nursing to request admission to the nursing courses and to be reviewed. All university core requirements must be met prior to starting nursing courses. Minimum admission requirements for the RN to BS degree are:
  • Be a graduate of a nursing program accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) or Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), or Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (CNEA) school.
  • Provide evidence of current unencumbered RN licensure in your state of practice.
  • Earned an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale in a pre-licensure nursing program or a 2.75 GPA or higher after the completion of 16 credits at Ball State University.
  • Successfully completed all nursing prerequisites or transfer equivalents.
  • Successfully completed all university core curriculum requirements or transfer equivalents.
  • Successfully pass a criminal background check (completed annually thereafter).

Application Deadlines

An application and all required application materials must be received two weeks prior to the start of classes for a given term in order to be considered for admission to Ball State. Our semester start dates can be found in Ball State’s academic calendar.

Plan for at least 3-4 weeks for staff from your previous schools to send official transcripts to Ball State. We will review your application as soon as we receive all of your application materials.


Students from Other States

Ball State is authorized by the U.S. Department of Education to accept online students from all U.S. states. However, if you are considering a program that leads to professional licensure, some states may have additional regulations. Review our state authorization website if you live outside of Indiana and contact us if you have questions.

Want to Learn More

Do you have questions about this program or online learning? We’re here to help! You may request more information using our online form, or feel free to reach out directly to one of our staff.

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