The following costs are for Ball State students enrolled in bachelor's degrees, associate degrees, undergraduate certificates, or taking 100- to 400-level courses online. They also apply to students taking courses in the Greater Indianapolis area.

Students taking one or more courses on our main campus in Muncie, Indiana: please see "Courses on Campus" below.

The costs below are based on the tuition and fees for the 2024-2025 academic year. Please see the detailed information below for more information and contact us if you have questions.

Cost Calculator for Online Undergraduate Students

(per semester)
Your estimated costs per semester for 2024-2025:
Online Course Fees
Technology Fee


*This is an estimate to help you plan. Your final bill may be different. A few of our programs also have additional course or program fees, and this estimate does not include textbook or other course material charges. The Ball State University Board of Trustees reserves the right to change tuition, fees, and other charges for any semester or term.

How Costs are Calculated

Full costs for online-only students are made up of four elements:

  • per-credit tuition
  • an online course fee
  • technology fee
  • course or program fees that are applicable to only some programs

Students who take all online classes in a semester are not charged fees for main campus services, e.g. health, recreation, and transportation fees.

For complete and detailed information related to costs, download the Student Financial Services tuition and fees guide:

Credit Card Fees

If you use a credit or debit card to pay your bill, you will be charged an extra 2.75 percent of the amount that you are paying. This is the fee passed on from the credit card companies to Ball State for processing. If you do not wish to be charged this fee, you might want to consider other payment methods.

College-Level Examination Program Exams

Ball State also offers national College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams for $125. Successfully passing a CLEP exam lets Ball State grant academic credit in various subjects, thus potentially reducing your overall costs.

Courses on Campus

If you take any courses on our main campus in Muncie, Indiana, during a semester, you will pay tuition and fees for main-campus students.

This does not impact most of our online and distance students. However, a few students in blended programs take all online courses one semester but may choose to take a few on campus. Any semester where you take on-campus courses, you will be charged additional fees.


If you have any questions about tuition or estimating your bill, contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

If you have questions about financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

If you have any other questions, reference our FAQs about costs for online students.