Incoming freshmen and transfer students pursuing a major in art must apply to the University.

How to Apply

Incoming Freshman Scholarship Portfolio (Optional)

Incoming freshmen are invited to apply for art scholarships. To be considered, students must submit a portfolio and provide additional materials.

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First-Year Foundations Program

All students in the School of Art complete the first-year program of study comprised of required courses in drawing; 2D, 3D, and 4D processes; and art history. 

If you are a student who is currently enrolled at Ball State pursuing another major and would like to become an art major, you may begin taking first-year foundation courses in the Spring or Summer. 

School of Art Laptop Policy

The School of Art at Ball State University requires students to have a laptop. The laptop will serve as a creative tool and portable studio, allowing students to work fluidly between the studio classroom and other workspaces on campus. For more information and policy click here.

Financial Assistance


Scholarships are a terrific way to help with costs. On top of the university’s scholarships available to you, the School of Art has several programs of its own. Search for scholarships.

Graduate Assistantships

One of the best ways to put yourself through graduate school is to obtain an assistantship, which will cover the costs of your tuition at Ball State. Search for assistantships.