Within Ball State’s outstanding facilities, you will find a range of studio and academic opportunities aimed at developing professional artists. The School of Art is united by a commitment to promote craft, advance technical skills, and mature scholarship, and provide a strong foundation for teaching studio arts.

In the School of Art, you can choose from 12 artistic specializations. Each of these areas offers a challenging and rewarding experience working with both traditional and contemporary art forms, experienced and dedicated faculty, and new and spacious facilities.


Visual Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Our intensive visual arts program gives you the opportunity to develop deep specialization in one of nine focus areas, based on your preferred medium.

Visual Arts/Animation

Bachelor of Fine Arts

student animation work of a boy alone at a lunch table

Immerse yourself in the vivid, vibrant worlds of 3-D, 2-D, and stop-motion animation with this nationally recognized program. You’ll equip yourself to work in film, TV, video games, medical animations, advertising, and many more professions. Learn more.

Art Education

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

student teacher works with elementary school art students

Undergo a dynamic and comprehensive training program and licensure in the teaching of art at all levels. As part of this training, you’ll develop your content fluency within an academically rigorous course of study that emphasizes the art disciplines of studio, criticism, art history, and aesthetics. Learn more.


Bachelor of Arts

Our art major offers two concentrations. Art history gives a comprehensive overview of the world of art, from ancient to contemporary times. The studio art option, meanwhile, will give you a strong base in the fundamentals as well as the opportunity to specialize in a medium of your choice.

Graphic Arts Management

Bachelor of Arts

VisCom students work in a computer lab

You will gain a broad technical knowledge of graphic arts and hands-on experience with modern printing processes and equipment. This hands-on program that will prepare you with the technical and managerial skills you need for a professional career in the dynamic and diverse graphic arts and printing industry. Learn more.

Master's Degree in Visual Art

Master of Fine Arts

Refine studio skills and academic scholarship while working closely with program faculty in well-designed facilities. Our master of fine arts in visual arts offers four concentrations that let you develop deep specialization in your preferred area.

student animation work of a whale with a hat

Explore ideas and techniques, work closely with faculty and classmates, and broaden your technical, aesthetic, and conceptual understanding of media within contemporary practice.