Ball State's art major (BFA) with a focus on photography and intermedia explores expressive art forms, emphasizing the development of photographic vision and technical proficiency.

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Our photography and intermedia concentration guides you through working with photography's infinite creative possibilities while demonstrating how to understand its artistic, social, and commercial applications. It equally focuses on time-based possibilities with video and the intersection of various other media forms.

Through traditional photographic avenues—as well as modern approaches involving digital technologies and 4-D—photographic imagery is everywhere we look.

What You Will Study

Begin your course of study by mastering mechanics of the SLR camera, traditional black-and-white photography and its formats, and darkroom image development. Progress to digital and color imagery, as well as alternate processes in photography. Exploration of video, time-based installation, sound, and a myriad of software is essential to this program.

Our faculty focus on helping you acquire a strong, technical foundation through introductory courses. Learn to mature as a creative artist while exploring diverse photographic and intermedia techniques and theories addressed in intermediate and advanced courses.

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What Can You Do with a Degree in Photography and Intermedia?

As a graduate of our program, you’ll be prepared for:

  • a career as a studio artist
  • a career as a commercial photographer or videographer
  • excellent graduate programs for continued exploration

Paying for Your Education

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