Gen Mager
Gen Mager
Assistant Teaching Professor of Biology


Room:FB 212


Postdoctoral Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital (2011)
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Ph.D. (2007)
The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. (2002)

Teaching Philosophy

Broadly, my goal as an instructor is to engage with a diverse student community to facilitate intellectual development and instill an appreciation for biology.

My experiences in undergraduate classrooms have led me to conclude that one of my core responsibilities as a science educator is to help students realize that scientific knowledge will help them achieve their full potential as engaged citizens of the world. My goal is for students to leave my courses with not only foundational knowledge of biology, but also a broader appreciation for how biology impacts their daily lives. I view my role in the classroom as that of a catalyst, cultivating students’ ability to assess information and pull together key concepts. My goal in aiding this development is to 1) provide opportunities to practice and build critical thinking skills, 2) to create an open classroom where students are comfortable and will actively engage in their learning experience, and 3) to provide real-world examples to make material approachable.


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*both authors contributed equally to this work