The Honors Undergraduate Fellows Program

The Honors Undergraduate Fellows Program seeks to pair the most talented students with the most passionate professors. Working together, groundbreaking scholarship and career-making mentorship will emerge.

To this end, the Fellowship Program seeks to identify, recruit, and retain outstanding undergraduate students and to provide them and their faculty mentors with enhanced opportunities for learning and participating in the scholarly enterprise.

The partnership of outstanding students and productive faculty scholars has mutual benefits: the student moves into previously unexplored academic areas, and the faculty member has the unique opportunity to share the enjoyment of research and learning.

Duration and Pay

Fellowship appointments may span one or two semesters; the length depends on the nature of the proposed project.

Student fellows receive pay for 150 hours of work for each semester (currently $1,088 per semester). To the extent that funding is available, there are four rounds of submission and review each year.

Application Deadline

Submit your application prior to one of these deadlines:

  • October 31
  • March 31

Download the undergraduate fellowship application form (PDF).

Research Opportunities

Join the Chemistry Research Immersion Summer Program

Ball State Honors students have an exciting opportunity to join one of the largest undergraduate chemistry research programs in the nation—The Chemistry Research Immersion Summer Program (CRISP).

Starting your freshman year, you can work during the summer months on a research project with our faculty. Some CRISP participants may receive financial assistance (stipend) through faculty research grants. On average, 40 students each summer have participated in CRISP over the past several years.

CRISP students conduct research, attend research group meetings, and have the opportunity to present their findings at weekly research meetings. All of the students in the program also present a poster describing their research at the CRISP poster session at the end of the summer session.

Download Application (PDF)