Are you an independent thinker who thirsts for the academic freedom to pursue your own academic path?

Apply to become a Medallion Scholar.

If admitted to the Medallion Scholars Program, you become exempt from formal major course requirements (except as determined by your faculty mentor and the director of the Medallion Scholars Program). Instead, you will get to design your own course of study. For students whose interests seem not to place easily into an existing Ball State major or combination of majors, the Medallion Scholars program may be a good fit.

What's It Like to Create Your Own Major?

Janie Fulling next to a computer screen

Medallion Scholar Janie Fulling crafted her own course of study in digital storytelling and cultural narratives. While here, she traveled the world filming documentaries and bridging cultural gaps. See Her Story.

Qualities of a Medallion Scholar

The program is designed for you if you demonstrate:

  • academic excellence
  • intellectual curiosity
  • personal maturity
  • broad intellectual interests
  • distinctive educational goals and the drive to see them to completion
  • a wish to participate in a program that permits them to express their creativity and independence in the construction of a highly individualized degree program

Medallion Scholar Requirements

Faculty mentors closely advise you during your undergraduate career as a medallion scholar. You’ll also have access to advisors from other departments or fields of interest for more specialized assistance. An approved program:

  • should be organized around a theme or themes
  • may combine coursework from any departments
  • may not replicate any existing major

You may pursue either a bachelor of arts (which requires two years of a language other than English) or a bachelor of science, as appropriate to your own program of study.

Admission Criteria

Scholars must meet the following criteria:

  • maintain a minimum grade-point average of 3.33 or higher
  • complete a minimum of 55 credits in their program of study
  • at least 45 credits must be at the 300-level or higher
  • at least six credits must be at the 400-level or higher

How to Apply

If you’re interested in the Medallion Scholars program, you must submit a written application to the dean of the Honors College. A faculty committee will review your application. To make an appointment with the dean or for more information, call or email us.

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