As an Honors College student, you’ll have much to share with the world. And every year, you will have the opportunity to present your ongoing research, academic achievements, and collaborative projects to regional and national audiences.

Advanced Honors College students present and publish their work at professional conferences and journals. More often, you will participate as presenters at the following student-focused conferences:

These conferences allow you to hone your skills and share your research with your peers, respected faculty, and even professional audiences.

Travel Expenses

Honors students who present at NCHC or attend MEHA receive financial support from the Honors College Foundation.

Contact the Honors College office or the directors of the Student Honors Council for information about presenting at these conferences.


Publishing your first scholarly paper, work of fiction or essay sets the precedent for more to come. Ball State Honors students learn how to write with poise and confidence. And they are encouraged to find audiences across all media.

Journal Publications

Numerous journals sponsor or accept undergraduate submissions for publication, many of which are refereed according to standard professional criteria.

Mercyhurst College maintains an online guide: Undergraduate Journals and Conferences Directory.

Student Publications

Ball State Honors College students also produce a newsletter, News & Notes and a creative magazine, Odyssey. Ball State Honors students are encouraged to submit articles and creative work for the following Honors College publications.

News & Notes

Produced three times a year by Honors College students, our News & Notes newsletter features articles of interest to students, alumni, and friends of the Honors College.

The latest issue is available in the Honors College office in Ball Honors House or click here for the Fall 2023 publication.

To view past publications please click on the link below:
Spring 2023

To contribute an article or find out how you can help with this publication, contact the coeditors, or the Honors College dean. Announcements will be sent to your Ball State email account and posted on our web site.


Our creative magazine, Odyssey, offers you a great opportunity to get published and enhance your portfolio.

We publish poetry, prose, essays, and visual art by our students once each year. We consider many different forms of writing and visual art for the magazine, so we encourage you to submit anything you’ve created.

The co-editors send calls for submission in the fall. Announcements will be sent to your Ball State email account and posted on our website.