Andrew Gatza
Andrew Gatza
Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences


Room:RB 433



  • Mathematics Education from Indiana University—Bloomington
  • Urban Education Studies from Indiana University—Purdue University, Indianapolis

My primary research interest includes bringing together equity and justice issues with rich mathematical problem sequences to investigate the kinds of reasoning in which students engage in as a result of these problem explorations (i.e., interdisciplinary explorations). For example, exploring relationships between mathematical learning and race consciousness with middle grades students through a quantitative and combinatorial approach to nonlinear meanings of multiplication.

Another research interest is investigating how to support in-service mathematics teachers to establish discourse-rich, justice-oriented classroom spaces with the aim of creating humanizing mathematics education experiences for students.

Relatedly, I aim to develop socially conscious, inclusive-oriented prospective mathematics educators who are able to understand and support students in their mathematical ways of reasoning as well as cultivate positive mathematics identities among students.


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