A student works in the Cardinal Simulation Lab

The Cardinal Simulation Lab provides a safe environment for hands-on learning experiences and prepares students for real-world practice. Students from our prelicensure nursing programs learn clinical judgement skills through active participation in unfolding case scenarios.

The lab’s hospital equipment creates a realistic student-learning environment and includes:

  • 11 hospital beds
  • Alaris IV pumps
  • crash cart
  • feeding pumps
  • manikins (high- and low-fidelity simulation and task trainers/partial)
  • overbed lift
  • patient monitors
  • PCA pumps

The Cardinal Simulation Lab features instructional areas built into the space for demonstration and practice. Control booths with one-way glass allow facilitators to remain out of view during simulation experiences. Recording capability provides for student learning periods with the chance to reflect and debrief.

The lab is open to any faculty in the College of Health wanting to offer students hands-on practice in a hospital environment.

Faculty and Staff

Director of Nursing Simulation and Information Technology Center (NSITC):

Clinical Lab Specialist:

Information Technology Specialist:

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